Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pretty nails!!!

I REMEMBER the first time someone told me I had pretty nails.

It was during a P.E. class at Desert Arroyo Middle School.

I was in 6th grade.
Standing in line to hit the soft ball.
Suddenly, a very popular girl, standing in front of me, turned and spoke,

"Oh MY GOODNESS!" She exclaimed. "Is that a french manicure?!"

I am like "HUH?! A WHAT?!?!"
(I had NO idea what that was AND I was actually quite in shock that her highness has even spoken to me!)

"Did you get a manicure?" she asks again?
"Uh, no," I say.
"So those are your NATURAUL nails?!?!" She asks in awe.
I think about this for a moment, not to sure what to say.
I NEVER cut my nails.
I NEVER file my nails.
I NEVER clean my nails.
I NEVER bite my nails.
I NEVER, EVEN think about my nails.
I wasn't even think I know what a manicure was.
ESPECIALLY a French one!!!
"Uh yeah!" I say.
(Cause my nails are about as NATURAL as they get!)
I am totally shocked when she turns to me in total admiration...
"Oh wow!" She says. "I have ALWAYS wanted a French manicure!!!"

This was the beginning of compliments
on something I could care less about!!!

"Wow! you have SUCH pretty nails!"
"They are so elegant!"
"They look so graceful!"
"They look so healthy!"
"Such a perfect pink sheen!"
"Just the right curve!"
And I am thinking...
AS IF I CARE about my nails!!!
Compliment me on my hair!
Compliment me on my eyes!
My smile!
My laugh!
My WONDERFUL personality!!! ;)

And of course the questions...
Do you spend a lot of time on them?
How often do you file them?
Is there a special vitamin?
What brand nail clipper?
WHAT do you do to get them like that?!?!?!

I DO...

My nails grow.
They break perfectly even across.
Then grow back.
Thats it!!!
And I NEVER thought twice about them!

Oh happy day
A very, very, very cute guy came over to me and casually said...

"Hey, pretty nails!"
My heart started beating faster!
My pulse was racing!
I FAINTED a million times, INSIDE!!!
"Oh, thanks," I said CASUALLY!

And that was it!!!

Shopping time!!!
I went with my friends to the mall!!!
They were looking at clothes for a youth conference.
I was shopping for the PERFECT nail buffer.
I mean who cares about new clothes, WHEN you have pretty nails?!?!
"He said I have pretty nails," I said sighing.

"Oh brother!" said one of my friends.
"We've ALL told you that before!"
"Yeah, EVERYONE tells you that!"

"Yes, I said, but YOU ALL are girls!"
"I have had lots of girls say it before...
BUT the guys have ALWAYS been negative about them...
My brothers say they are gross, they call me "Claws"
Say they are daggers- a weapon-
"YOU NEED TO CUT THOSE!" they say...
BUT HE SAID they are pretty!!! *SIGH!!!
AND soooooo
I buffed them.
I filed them.
I noticed them.
I liked them.
I became VAIN about them.
And one,
by one,
they began to break.
As each one broke, I would think...
God is trying to teach me a lesson.
But still...
I filed.
I clipped.
I Buffered.
Finally there was ONLY one long nail left...
I should probabley just leave it I thought...
"Clip it!" said my brothers!!!"It looks WEIRD!!!"
BUT instead
I pulled out my buffer.
Just one more time...
And it was over!!!
Everytime my nails start growing back...
Gone is the beautiful elegance.
Gone are the compliments.
Gone are the looks of admiration.
In their place is short, stubby little nails.
AND you know what I'm gonna do about that?!?!
I don't cut them.
I don't file them.
I don't buff them.
( I do clean them now...I mean...LOL...)
You know why?!?!
Pride goeth before destruction,
and an haughty spirit before a fall.
(Proverbs 16:18)
P.S. THANK GOD he didn't say I have pretty eyes!!! ;)

♥Mary Frances :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hide and Seek!

"Ok I'm it!" Says the seeker, "Everyone go hide!" You scurry around frantically searching for the best hiding spot as the seeker begins to count. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... Oh where should you go? Under the table? In the bathtub? Behind the cupboard? " 16, 17, 18,19, 20, Ready or NOT here I come!" Oh no, times up, the seeker is coming and you still haven't found your hiding spot! Where should you go? Quick you cover yourself up in mom's clean laundry and hope that the seeker won't notice that the pile is moving rythmatically with your breathing. Ah the good old days as a child, I have such fond memories! Do you remember playing hide and seek as a kid?! I LOOOOOOVED playing that game...ACTUALLY I still do!!!  One thing that I realize now looking back, is that there were always TWO kinds of hiders.

First and most common amongst the hiders were the people like ME. I was that person that you could spot out a MILE away because  I didn't quite fit into my hiding spot and there was always either a leg or arm left sticking out of my hiding spot. Or IF I was actually hidden all the way and covered where no one could see me, when the seeker would walk by me WITHOUT seeing me, a giggle would almost ALWAYS accidentally escape out of me, immediatly LETTING them know EXACTLEY where I was! OR if I did manage to stay hidden really well, and I was completely hidden, and I managed to stay quiet, after about 20 minutes of hiding and NOT being found I would grow IMPATIENT. I would get worried, I would wonder what happened? Did they forget about me? I couldn't take NOT being found, so I would come out of my hiding spot, hoping to be seen by the seeker, llike HELLO, look at me! Then I would make a run for it to base, but OF COURSE, I was NEVER a fast runner and always got CAUGHT before making it to base!
ANNNNNND then there were the OTHER hiders! The hiders who were so slick, so quiet, so calm you hardly even hear them breathing and these hiders ALWAYS had THE BEST spots for hiding. These hiders didn't wait till the last minute to find their hiding spot. They had already scanned their surroundings and had their hiding spot all planned out. When it was time to hide they didn't hesitate, they didn't look around at the other hiders to see where they were doing, they didn't try to hide with the other hiders. It didn't matter to these hiders what everyone else was doing, they had a plan and they were  determined to stick with it.These hiders never gave up and they NEVER came out from their hiding spot before they were found. It didn't matter HOW uncomfortable their hiding spot was, they were patient and they waited and waited and waited and WAITED, til FINALLY they were FOUND by the seeker!!!! These hiders WERE RARE, where as the GIGGLERS, like me, were ABUNDANT!!! 
However, there were ALSO two kinds of seekers, there were the seekers that after a little while of searching and NOT being able to find the hider they would throw their hands up in defeat and say OKAY, I give up, come out of your hiding spot and YOU WIN!!! OR there were the DETERMINED seekers!!! These seekers REFUSED to give up!!! They would tear apart every part of the house, closets, rooms, cuboards, drawers, they would look up down, inside, outside, on the roof, the chimmney, trash barrels, EVERYWHERE!!! They didn't care what they had to do, or what they had to put themself through, they were NOT going to give up, they were going to FIND that hider!!! They were JUST as patient and JUST as determined as that hider AND finally find them, and the SEEKER would say, there you are, I FOUND YOU!!! And the hider would just smugly say, "WELL ITS ABOUT TIME!!!" 
I got to thinking about how love, TRUE LOVE, between a Godly man and woman, is like a  really good game of HIDE and SEEK! The MAN is the SEEKER and the WOMAN is the HIDER! Now when I say HIDER, I do NOT mean as in the whole, "Hard-to-get" game. I've always FAILED miserably with that! People say, Oh you have to ignore him, I'm like okaaaaay, we're going on TWO YEARS now and he STILL doesn't know that I exist! I just have difficulty snubbing people, by nature I am a very friendly person, it doesn't matter WHO you are, if you say hi to me, or even if you don't and you just walk by me, I will MOST likely smile and say HI to you! Thats JUST ME!!! :)
So when I say that LOVE is like a good game of HIDE and SEEK, i'm NOT talking about like a visible, physical game that you can see with your own eyes. I'm talking about a SPIRITUAL game of HIDE and SEEK!!! Buuuuut of course if its spiritual its NOT really a game. See I found this quote some years ago and have absolutely LOOOOOVED it!!! It says...
“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man should have to seek Him first to find her.” Maya Angelou
Isn't that a BEAUTIFUL quote?! I just LOVE IT!!! There are so many things that want to steal our hearts away. We can worry so much about the safety of our hearts and who we decide to love. Is he REALLY a good guy? Is he REALLY a man of God? There are so many what IFs in relationships, you want to guard your heart and keep it safe but are you strong enough? Is there ANY place that is truly safe enough? How do you know for sure?  Christ, is the answer for where we should hide our hearts. Think about it ladies, Could there POSSIBLY be a better, safer MORE secure hiding place than IN JESUS??? I think NOT!!! 
The Bible says in Proverbs 31:10..."Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." The word of God says, a truley VIRTUOUS woman is RARE and she is HARD to find!!! The Bible is LITERALLY asking WHO could possibley find her?! Meanwhile, concerning the man, the Bible says in Proverbs 18:22..."Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord."Both of these scriptures in Proverbs refer to THE WOMAN being FOUND!!! 
Single ladies, imagine with me, your heart ACTUALLY being hidden in Christ! How could a woman possibly hide her heart in God? In my mind I see a woman's heart being so enraptured in God's spirit that it is literally hidden there in Him. Sheltered, sheilded, veiled, roofed, enclosed, guarded, embraced and binded in His presence. She covers it well in praise and worship to her saviour! Everytime she prays, God pulls her in a little bit bit more. She fasts and He tucks her under shadow of His wings. She pours her heart out to him humbly in a spirit of brokenness and God enfolds her a little closer. She submits and obeys to her God-given authorities and God's arm of protection tightens around her. She clothes herself in modest aparel, wrapping herself more into the seclusion of her hider. She holds about her a meek and quiet spirit, keeping from drawing attention to her hiding spot. Her face is covered with shamefacedness and sobriety. 
When she is lonely, he swathes her tightly in his everlasting love. She is constricted from the danger and harm of false seekers by obedience to His Word. She is bound to her hiding place by a promise of purity. She is not afraid, because he is the light for her path, her rock, her fortress, her refuge, her deliverer, her mighty strong tower and her waymaker. She is gracious to her fellow hiders, refraining from jealousy and petty squabbles. She uses The Word of God as a mirror to see the reflection of her heart. The longings of her heart are concealed by her discretion, because she understands what her hider told her, "Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass." (Psalm 37:5) 
She is chaste in  her ways, faithful to her seeker, wherever he is, she remains in her haven of Christ. Its NOT always easy for her to stay in her hiding place, sometimes she feels a awkward, sometimes she gets a little uncomfortable, sometimes she just wants to JUMP out and say, HELLLLOOOO...i'm RIGHT HERE!!! LOOK AT ME!!! Buuuut she doesn't do that! Instead she is patient, she trusts in the security of her hiding place and she waits and she waits and she WAITS!!! She is reassured of the protection that comes from her hiding place, because she knows that the one she is hiding in is looking out for what is best for her! Then, as she gives God her all, as she breaks her alabaster box and gives Him EVERYTHING she's got, God is pleased with her, she finds favor in his sight. As she continues to please Him, I like to imagine in my mind, that God, He just smiles to himself and says, This WOMAN is a GOOOOOD HIDER and its going to take ONE MIGHTY GOOD SEEKER, to FIND THIS ONE!!! 
Meanwhile, MAN, he is over there SEEKING God, for his hidden treasure, for WOMAN, for his WIFE. He doesn't go about his search by taking it into his own hands and doing things his way. He remembers what he was taught,"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." (Matthew 6:33)  So he begins his quest by searching for her daily in prayer! He looks through the whole entire Bible, he is tearing apart the alter in desperation to find her. He hopes that if he builds a high enough atler of praise and worship to God, that some way, some how he can climb to the top and catch sight of her. He offers sacrifices of Thanksgiving to God, hoping that he'll get a little closer to finding her! During his endeavor to find her, man makes a covennent to God with his eyes, vowing to put no evil before them. 
He resists temptation from false hiders, seeking for the one that is truly hidden in God! He stands for holiness, unchanging in what he believes, unmovable in his convictions, he takes direction and council from the spiritual leaders in his life advising and guiding him in his quest. When he is wrong he takes correction and chastisment well, redirecting his steps. He practices self-control, self-denial and treats all hiders carefully with respect, valueling all virtue with esteem and regard, willing to defend them as one would a sister. He is hardworking, consistent, steadfast and dependable to the work of The Lord. He is tough in upholding rightousness, but gentle in his regard towards others.
Sometimes he stumbles while trying to find her, but he refuses to get stuck in the ruts and ditches of life. He continues on, magnifying The Word Of God to guide his way. He understands that,  "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way." (Psalm 37:23) ANNNND Oh its sooooo hard, she has hidden herself so well...he can't seem to find her anywhere! He toils through hard times, refusing to get stuck in the ruts and ditches of life. When he trips, when he falls, he pulls himself back up, He doesn't halter his journey wallowing in self pitty. He doesn't explore different routes or new ideas, he stays on the strait and narrow path abstaining from pit stops along the way. He is dilligent in his labour towards God. There are times he just wants to throw his hands up in frustration and say FORGET IT God, I GIVE UP!!! She is TOO GOOD of a hider, there is NO WAY I could ever find her. 

Oh but NO, he doesn't do that, he may be feeling frustrated, BUUUUT he refuses to give up, because he is DETERMINED...because he is a soujourner on a journey, he has a goal, a destination, a made up mind, he won't be swayed by false hiders, HE MUST FIND HER!!! So instead he looks through the WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE again. He studies to show himself approved before God. He examines his heart daily to see if there is anything that would stand in the way between him and God. 
Man begins to get closer to finding her. He can't see her, but he can hear her breathing, he knows she is right there, so he prays for God open his eyes and  let him see her, to reveal his will to him. He searches a little deeper in God by adding fasting to his prayer, and as he seeks God for her in fasting, his carnal flesh begins to die and humbly in a spirit of brokeness, he cries out to The Lord in desperation and begs God to help him find his wife. And as man prays, and seeks, God approves of his ways. And the more man prays, and the more he cries and the more he breaks before God, THE CLOSER MAN gets to God, and THE CLOSER man gets to God, THE CLOSER man gets to finding her, BECAUSE she is HIDDEN in GOD! Then ONE DAY man gets SOOOO CLOSE TO GOD it happens, he SEES HER...HIS WIFE!!! 
He can't believe it, she is right there, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM and she is lovely, her countanence is BEAUTIFUL, she is womanly, feminine, everything he could have ever hoped for.  He knows he must DECLARE it, he must claim his treasure.

 "Thats it, he says, "I FOUND YOU! Your everything I've been looking for, I WON! YOUR MINE!!! And woman, she just smiles sweetly and says, "You FINALLY found me! I've been RIGHT here, WAITING patiently for YOU this whole entire time!" And MAN, he just smiles endearingly at her and says, "well, your ONE GOOD hider Woman, and you found yourself ONE good hiding spot!"  "Honestly, says Woman, "it wasn't always easy. "Sometimes I wondered if you would EVER see me, "there were times I so badly wanted to come out of hiding," she says, "but I knew, that God would keep me if I just trusted in him, I knew that I must stay!" Man says, "I'm so proud of you for hiding so well, I am very pleased that you waited for me. She smiles at man adoringly and says, "I knew that the RIGHT seeker would be determined and the RIGHT seeker would search my hiding place till he found me, and the RIGHT seeker would obtain favor from my hider allowing him to see me when he chose to allow it."  
Then Man, he says, "but you know, it feels so good right here, right where I found you," then he takes her hand in his and says, "I say we construct a memorial here so that we never forget where we found each other. Then I say we just stay right here where I found you, and build a life here, TOGETHER in Christ." So Man and Woman, they become husband and wife! They made and alter to God in their home, and they lived, JOYFULLY ever after, serving Christ together till their dying day. 

ANNNND that my friends IS the kind of HIDE AND SEEK game that I am talking about!!! Can you think of anything sweeter? Anything BETTER??? ANYTHING more ROMANTIC??? That's the kind of love story I want to have!!!! I may have been  the EASIEST person to find in hide and seek as a child, but as a woman of God, I want to be a good hider! Ladies, we've got to hide our hearts in God! Think about the safety and protection we have by doing so! What kind of a man would search God for the heart of a woman?! It wouldn't be just any kind of man. 

I was talking to my friends dad a couple of weeks ago at her church, and I kinda look up to him, since I don't have a dad in church and I was talking to him about guys and he was telling me some stuff and then he says, "You know, REALLY GOOD GIRLS, get REALLY GOOD guys!!!" I was like, weeeellll...I AM, a REALLY GOOD GIRL!!! He says, "I KNOW! Thats WHY you need to WAIT! You need to be PATIENT!!!" I'm like OH YEAH...okaaaaaaaaaay ...everythings kind of CLICKIN for ME!!! I NEED TO WAIT...I NEED TO BE PATIENT!!! The Bible says, "WHO can find a virtuous woman?..."  It takes a GOOD man, a RIGHTOUS man to find a virtiuous woman. I don't want just ANYONE! I need to be PATIENT and stay hidden during the search!!! We've got to learn to TRUST IN GOD!!! "For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise." (Hebrews 10:36 )`

I think sometimes us females try to take things into our own hands. We do our own seeking instead of hiding. We try playing foolish and immature games that toy with the hearts of seekers. We try to draw attention to ourselves that will lure in seekers. We're practically screaming, "Pick ME! I'm right here! LOOK at me!!!" We get sooooo anxious, we get sooooo DESPERATE!!! We find ourselves jumping up and down waving our arms trying to get the seekers attention! We don't need to be like that!!! We NEED to hide ourselves in JESUS!!! We NEED to entrust our hearts in the safety of Christ our protector! 

When I was in my mid-teens, my pastor at the time, now Bishop of our church, told us girls that we basically had the easy part in the relationship process. He told us that basically all we needed to do was to just WAIT. NONE of us girls liked hearing that at the moment, and although its taken me about 15 years to comprehend and get revelation of his words, i'm FINALLY understanding what he was trying to teach us. Just trust in God for the SEEKER to FIND YOU!!! When your hiding, you start clearing out the numbers on your phone, your email list, you start shutting things out of your life that allow the seekers to have effortless accesibility to conversing with you. You refrain yourself from getting too close to the opposite gender. If they want to talk to you, text you, email you, write you, they'll have get approval, seek permission from someone that is over you.
 Don't take as long as ME, for the light bulb to turn on, discover RIGHT NOW, to entrust yourself to God. Just hide your heart in Christ, then rest there in His safety. Perhaps your thinking about how your going to lesson your chances with finding a mate even more. May I tell you something I discovered, I realized that ALL those things that I was holding on to, that I THOUGHT would increase my chances at finding a mate, weren't working in my benefit anyways. God made the heaven and the earth from out of NOTHING, he doesn't NEED a social-networking sight or ANY of mans inventions to give you a spouse.The things that we think are helping us can in actuality be hindrances in our lives, we just got to let go, and LET GOD!!! What can we do while we're waiting? We can cover ourselves a little bit more in prayer! We can let God pull us in a little bit closer, blanketing our hearts in His care, swaddling us in a love that will never disappoint us. 

Ladies you don't want you don't want a lazy seeker. You want someone with some tenacity and determination. Wait for the one that gets close enough to God that he can see your hidden heart! There are some hiders, that are so easy to be found. Its not saying that they're BAD, but they never learned hide their hearts the way they should have. They didn't delve themself fully and completely into the things of God, they're still trying to do things on their own.
 God wants you to have so much MORE than a marriage that just, "Works out!" God wants you to have a work together serving him. What better way to find your life companion than in God. If you find each other, IN CHRIST, you'll live your lives right there together in Him. We've got to tell ourselves that NOT just any old seeker is gonna find us! The man that FINDS us is gonna have to work hard at finding us...Our hearts are HIDDEN, we're NOT going to come out of our hiding spot, if he wants us he'll have to keep getting closer to God! Tell yourself that, Man can't just have ME...IF he wants ME... HE IS GOING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH CHRIST to get ME!!! 
Who's READY to play??? Hiders REMEMBER to stay hidden! No matter how  uncomfortable or awkward you may feel, don't come out!!!  God's not gonna let any old seeker find your heart IF its hidden in him...soooo Be patient and WAIT!!! The right seeker won't give up, he'll know your worth the search!  I earnestly believe that finding the will of God for our lives is such an important thing! Marriage can NOT be taken lightly! Aside from choosing to live for God, MARRIAGE is the most important decision we'll ever make!!! Get ready HIDERS, its time to PRAY, fast, read your Bibles and PRAY SOME MORE!!! 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8, 9, 10...LETS PLAY HIDE AND SEEK!!!
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." (Proverbs 3:5-6)